My Source Spots from the NMC

Posted May 5th, 2010 by eric in Featured

Jessica Torres at KLRN speaking on the Importance of Public Broadcasting

Jessica Torres at KLRN speaking on the Importance of Public Broadcasting

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) supported the innovative My Source project and in spite of the many obstacles, the NMC has delivered a set of high quality promotional materials that will be used in stations across the country.  All of the spots are available for viewing along with the accompanying print advertisementsTranscripts and lists of programs mentioned in the spots help stations choose the testimonials most suited for their needs.

“For participating stations, it was an overall positive experience.  It increased their knowledge of people of color in their coverage area, and introduced them to producers and directors in our communities.” – CAAM

“It was easy to find Ambassadors for the spots.  We found that many people like and respect PBS and are willing to go on camera to talk about it.  This was a great pilot program and we hope CPB will support the NMC’s efforts to bring diverse voices to the My Source initiative.” -PIC

“Stations are willing to find the necessary time and in-house resources to support our efforts, and to engage with independent Latina and Latino producers to produce the spots.” -LPB

“Locations are more dynamic than studios.  In addition to being visually interesting, it puts the subject/talent more at ease and places their story in a context they can relate to.” -NBPC

“In Seattle, we choose to work with Tracy Rector (Seminole), an award winning documentary filmmaker.  This is the first time she worked with a station (KCTS), and she learned a lot.  We are now working on two other projects with KCTS.” -NAPT

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