Unnatural Causes


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A seven part series on public television, UNNATURAL CAUSES is about people and communities creating better chances for health and well-being by improving access to resources. The wages we’re paid, the neighborhoods we live in, the schools we attend, our access to resources and even our tax policies are health issues every bit as critical […]

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America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa


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America By The Numbers reveals how dramatic changes in the country’s demographics are playing out in mainstream USA.

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National Minority Consortia Pipeline Reel


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Reflective of America’s diversity, these clips create an exciting portrait of the NMC. Diverse in tone and style yet united in a shared passion for story-telling these works celebrate, illuminate, and challenge the layered meanings of our shared stake in the American dream. More

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Inmate Re-entry Programs Aim to Strengthen Family Ties


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While campaigning for the presidency, one of the themes then-candidate Barack Obama touched on was the state of black families. The Obama team has voice support for programs like Hope House, which helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated fathers reconnect with their families. Adam Serwer with the National Minority Consortia reports on how the program may fit into the new administration's agenda.

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