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NMC at the 2014 PBS Annual Meeting

Every year, PBS holds its Annual Meeting as the premiere gathering of public television professionals and decision makers representing PBS stations and content providers. This year, the 2014 PBS Annual Meeting took place in San Francisco, CA from May 12 – 15, 2014 and offered a glimpse into the programming that is set to air [...]More

(Left to right ) Shirley K. Sneve, Vision Maker Media; Leanne Ferrer, Pacific Islanders in Communications; Leslie Fields-Cruz, National Black Programming Consortium; Sandie Pedlow, Latino Public Broadcasting; Steven Gong, Center for Asian American Media; Liz Cheng, WORLD; Michael Isip, KQED; Sally Jo Fifer, ITVS; Simon Kilmurry, POV; Ben Feng Torres). Photo by Georgiana Lee.

Unnatural Causes

A seven part series on public television, UNNATURAL CAUSES is about people and communities creating better chances for health and well-being by improving access to resources. The wages we’re paid, the neighborhoods we live in, the schools we attend, our access to resources and even our tax policies are health issues every bit as critical as diet, smoking and exercise. More

NMC My Source Spots

Jessica Torres grew up on children’s programs like Barney and Arthur. The series, American Family, gave her hope—and the opportunity to see Chicanas like her on television! Jessica produced some short films featured on San Antonio’s KRLN that won awards. PBS is Jessica’s connection to inspiration and community. See More My Source Spots

National Minority Consortia Pipeline Reel

Reflective of America’s diversity, these clips create an exciting portrait of the NMC. Diverse in tone and style yet united in a shared passion for story-telling these works celebrate, illuminate, and challenge the layered meanings of our shared stake in the American dream. More

Featured Project
American Graduate

American Graduate is a public media initiative funded by CPB to help local communities across America find solutions to address the dropout crisis.

Jacquie Jones, NBPC, Luis Ortiz, LPB; Pat Harrison, CPB; Ruth Bolan, PIC; Stephen Gong, CAAM; Shirley Sneve, NAPT
Jacquie Jones, NBPC, Luis Ortiz, LPB; Pat Harrison, CPB; Ruth Bolan, PIC; Stephen Gong, CAAM; Shirley Sneve, NAPT

About the National Minority Consortia (NMC)

The NMC has emerged as a leader in the field of independent filmmaking and more recently in digital media. We fund film and media makers, present works on public television and other venues, exhibit films and videos, and distribute works to schools and libraries. In addition, we facilitate a new media institute, production training, skills advancement, and career development through workshops, lectures and counseling. With primary funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the NMC serves as an important component of American public television.